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Photosensitivity represents an important category of potential cutaneous side effects of several drugs with recent studies showing photosensitive potential in almost 50% of all drug prescriptions in European countries.

The database was initiated in order to provide a publicly available source of information on previously reported drug-induced photosensitizing side effects in literature. For each drug substance a short description summarizes previous reports on photosensitivity and a table provides information on the most relevant UV spectra (if known). In addition, the reference list provides a direct link to MEDLINE ( for each respective publication.

Given the plethora of drugs and reports on this topic, a classical review article can only provide a “snapshot” of current knowledge and might already be outdated by the time of publication. rather aims to provide a “living” review of the literature to offer regularly updated information to researchers and clinicians seeking information on this topic. A commentary section also provides the option for registered users to add comments (or even reports on side effects) to the database.

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Technical expertise

  • Benedikt Weber (Department of Dermatology1)
  • Christoph Rinner (CeDAS1)

Project team

  • Benedikt Weber (Department of Dermatology1)
  • Christoph Rinner (CeDAS1)
  • Amun Hofmann (Department of Dermatology1)
  • Lujza Lanyi (CeDAS1)
  • Aylin Sezer (Department of Dermatology1)

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Supporting organizations

  • Department of Dermatology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria
  • Center for Medical Data Science - CeDAS, Medical University of Vienna, Austria
  • Technology Transfer, Medical University of Vienna, Austria

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